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Ads or pop-up

So I’ve been playing this game for a while. The ads are pretty annoying. But sometime in the middle of your game. When you on trying to stack, the game takes you to the Apps store? Like? Why do you act like a virus with all the pop-up. Fix this problem!!!

GREAT GAME!!! Too many ads

I love this game and it is so fun but, after almost every game, it has to show an ad! But if you don’t care about ads then play this game!!!!

It’s ok

It’s a fun game but they could improve on some things like the shapes are all weird so sometimes it’s really hard to make it a perfect tower.


This game is awesome but I gave it two stars because there is literally a 30 second AD every time you have to restart a level. I played for about 5 minutes and had to watch about 4 ADs. Ridiculous. It’s almost unplayable at that rate unless you pay $4 to have ads removed 🙄

Way to much adds

Every five seconds it shows an add the game is super desperate for money


lol this stuff is delightful xdddd pls add a update we’re shapes are rotating instantly

Kept coming back

I deleted the game but every time I shut it off and turn it back on it is always there I love voodoo but this is horrible

Frustrated and defeated

This game is so fun and Im really glad I found it, the only negative is that I have proceeded so far in the game and got a high score of almost 450. I had my setting upgraded to the point where I couldn’t upgrade anymore. It just glitched out again and wiped everything i had. My high score, my progression, everything. Im deleting the app because this is the second time its done this. Im too frustrated to the point where I’m not even gonna bother restarting everything. If you are the kind of person that likes to see your progression easily in games, don’t get this app.

It’s ok

It a fun game but there are to much ads

Way Too Many Ads

There is way too many ads , every single game from Voodoo has way too many ads , same thing goes for TastyPill . ugh .


Don’t put adds on this already subpar app every 10 seconds bro. Come on now


Way to many ads, every single time I drop a block or click in a game.An ad appears and I don't have the patience. I play the game for less than 5mins and I'm already raging because of it!!!ヽ(#`Д´)ノ

Way to many ads

This game is great but there are way to many ads and some I can’t even skip I would play this more if it weren’t for the ads.

Love it

Love this game, fun to play when your bored


Why is this app rated 12+? Is it because of some difficulty’s to build the tower because I am younger than 12 and its not Inappropriate. Also there are soooooo many adds. Can you maybe take some of the adds away. I think the app should be rated 9+.

To much adds

There’s too many adds in the game but other than that it’s very fun and creative

Fun Game But So Many Ads!!!

this game is really fun and i enjoy it, when i have two gameplays and a thirty second ad, it’s not fun. i only get two rounds in and i have long ads. the ads are super annoying and i know I’m not the only one who agrees. decrease the amount of ads!!!!

Way to many ads!!!

Too many ads, had to delete soo annoying.


The game is alright but the ads are just horrible DONT PLAY IF YOU JUST WANT ADS

Calm game

Is very clam when you at work you can just keep playing and playing

I am downloading this game right now and I saw I could right a review so yea

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Good game with some interface flaws

The game is really fun, and can keep me entertained for a while, but ADS AFTER EVERY TURN get annoying extremely fast. They ruin the game for me and make me want to not play it at all :/ turn down the ad frequency. It’s sh*tty to force people to pay for ad removal because you conveniently made the ads pester players every 30 seconds.


Great game my favorite game but lately there has been A LOT of adds and I just stop playing because I get tired of all of them

The Ads

The app is very popular and interesting but it has got too much ads


Ads are aids

Game is actually great. But

Way too many ads. They ruin an otherwise great game. It's a simple and enjoyable time killer but the ads make me want to kick a puppy

Awesome, but...

There are quite a few ads which I feel like could be lessened but other than that, the game is SUPER fun!

I love it but


Thank htfffgavbsbgdbb

It is good for some people and me that is why I gave it four stars


So this game is great I play it every day but here is my problem...too many ads I have seen this complaint a lot and I was like whatever so I downloaded this and I played once I died there was an ad. Well I was like ok so I played again I died at 40 and another ad. Keep playing. Every time I died there was an ad. Fix it. Other than that 5 stars.


One of the adds you can’t get out of unless you get out of the game

Advertisement central

Every time you want to restart you have to watch a 30 second ad... waste of time for a 2 second game


Ok I know y’all need ads and stuff for money but can you at least make the little x to click off bigger?also can you do something about the game showing the same ad over and over and again right after like one game ad then play a game no ad but theeenn ad and it’s the same one.Thanks and I really hope you take this into consideration.


This ad is all around fun but......I can’t even think with an add after every single game. Like are you kidding me!?!!!?theirs more people not playing the game not because it’s boring but because they just can’t stand these ads

The ads!!!

The ads are so freaking annoying and stupid. There’s way to many. For me to enjoy the game I have to turn airplane mode on. The games great though. I like it but there’s toooo many ads please cut it back a bit. And 4 dollars? What the fetch!! Way to much.

Thumbs up

Probably best game I’ve played in awhile. My best friend and I both downloaded it and are addicted to beating each other’s score!


I love this game by you watch more adsthen play the actual

fun but needs work

the ads aren’t an issue if you turn cellular data off for this game and turn off wifi while playing. what i do have an issue with us glitches, the game crashes a lot. sometimes freezes and doesn’t give you a new shape to drop and you have to kill the app, losing your progress on your current tower. also, the game would be more challenging if your special shapes were randomly given to you opposed to just picking one. overall i do really like this game though, and will continue to play it.

Adds are getting out of hand

I’ll give a full five star review!If not every single time I lose and try to play again I see an ad.The ads are crazy!I see how you want money or something but really that many! I’ll suggest to stop with the adds please Take my suggestion and do something with it. Thank you. P.S Really 4$ to take away adds.You are really begging for money. Might as well make the game 4$ because there are more adds than game play. Again thank you


This game is great, don’t get me wrong. But after every game there is an add. This makes me so angry, and it makes me not want to play this game. Adds are the worst thing ever.

the amount of ads

this game is fun but i delete it and download it again hoping the ads will stop... the adds go on for 30 min and even after that they’ll have another banner. after every single fall... it’s annoying

To many adds

I wouldn’t recommend this game unless you want to spend more time watching adds then you are actually playing. I got this game about a week ago and can’t stand it anymore.

I love this game

This game is the best app I have ever don loaded. It’s not on of those cheesy games that glitches and doesn’t have a addicting trait. This game is so good because you can challenge your selves to get a high score and stuff. Me and my friends all downloaded it and had a competition for who ever could get a score higher then 100. I was so addicted to inning the bet that I played for hours. To sum it all up this game is the best. I only have one suggestion that you should be able to play against friends that have the game and see ho lasts longer in the game. Thank you for creating this game.

Great. But

It’s a fun game, challenge mode is fun, it’s a time killing game I can play all day. Except after every time I fail, in regular mode and challenges, there’s a horrible ad that I cannot skip. I considered purchasing the ad remover but it’s no where near worth $3-4 whatsoever. The ads ruin the game, if they reworked the ad system, to be rewarding, like if you best your highscore no ad will play, or an ad every few fails rather than every fail. Instead of the current system which is milk the consumer for as many ads as possible.


I absolutely love this game!! I wish less adds but overall great!

Fun and addicting

This game is really satisfying and makes you feel good with it’s fun colors. This is a great game to just sit down and enjoy. This game is a really good game for kids and adults. Ok now go get it. 😋

Great game

Makes my peepee feel good

Ads are crazy

Hope you like watching ads instead of playing the game. Game is fun though.

It’s Okay

Honestly I think the game could use work. The idea is concept and idea are interesting/fun. However there are shapes that seem almost impossible to stack without running into major issues. The sideways “T” and “M” always fall off or cause the next shape to “side off”. I’ve also seen shapes bounce off each other without being close to the other shape it’s bouncing off of. I haven’t been experiencing the crazy amount of ADs that many others seem to have though.

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