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Stupid ads

I’m really irritated at how much ads there are in this game. Like seriously.

too many ads

too many ads

Update madness

Basic game play is great. Absolutely hate the updates. They get in the way of the game. I deleted the game and reinstalled to get rid of the updates and in getting a new version of the game it now draws a temp status line after each drop. This is terrible and gets in the way of the game play.


Too many adds

This is a good puzzle game

I think that this is a good puzzle game. I like it. I give it 5 stars.

Great game, terrible developers who only care about money

I love the concept of the game it was created with great thought and it is definitely entertaining to play. My only concern is that you get an advertisement for every other tower you make, it doesn't take too much time for you to lose and restart and I find it outrageous how many ads they added to this game. The developers clearly want you to pay money for ad free or they don't care if you have fun or not, they just care that you watch the ads.

Addictive but ran out of upgrades?

There hasn’t been an upgrade available in a long time for me. I have plenty of stars. Still fun. Turning off WiFi fixes the ads.

Ridiculous Amount of Ads

There are so many ads on this game it’s not even worth playing. I probably spend more time watching ads than I do actually playing the game. It’s aggravating and ridiculous. Deleting the app.

Enough with the Adds

Really genuinely fun game for me so far.. but I had to uninstall because of the amount of frustration I faced with the ungodly amount of adds. Completely takes away from the game when I have to sit through 30 seconds of adds after every minute of gameplay.


When the objects are “bouncy” it’s like it falls off the plank purposely. Also, way too many ads. It was fun at first but not anymore.

Great game, needs work!

There are already so many ads on this game. If I mess up and lose after dropping the second block, I shouldn’t have to watch a 30 second ad that I can’t “skip” after like 5 seconds. I would suggest limiting the amount of ads altogether as beginners will find it so hard to get good at a game when they have to wait so long in between tries. I myself close out the app and restart after every loss. The amount of ads on the challenge portion is more fair. HOWEVER my biggest fault with this game is that when you choose to watch the unbearable 30 second ads that you guys make your money off of, the game conveniently glitches and doesn’t allow for my “second chance.” Overall, I agree with others saying some of the game’s engineering isn’t consistent with bouncing and “slippery” blocks. BUT it is still a pretty great quality game that desperately needs a few fixes. It has a nice look that could make it a very popular game, but you have to fix the glitching and the advertisement overload!

Don’t Even Bother

There are SO many adds that pop up and last 20 or 30 seconds. It’s totally annoying playing a challenge and then an add appears and there’s no way around it.

It’s fun

This game is fun, but there are a couple downsides. First of all, there are SO many ads. After almost every single game, and ad plays. I understand the app has to make its money somehow, but this really crosses the line. Also, no matter how perfectly you land the sideways ‘T’ block, it NEVER stays. I’ve landed it perfectly next to another block where they’re touching at the side multiple times, and it always falls, every single time. It’s guaranteed failure. That’s just one of the smaller problems. But other than those two things, i’d say it’s pretty fun.

2 stars

Fun but too many ads

I’m incredibly p****d about this game

I had all the upgrades, almost all the challenges completed and 2000 stars and my game data got randomly erased!!! Not only are the physics of this game incredibly dumb, i reached out to voodoo about 4 or 5 times about restoring my data and not once has anyone even apologised for my inconvenience or even responded to my email!

way to many ads

you can even really play the game without seeing an ad every two seconds and the x doesn’t even show up on my iphone X so i can’t even skip them and it’s not even like the fame is so good it’s worth the ads so yeah 1/5 stars.


My game totally reset completely! I had a high score of 238, and 52 challenges done 🙄🙄! I like to challenge my friends in a lot of games but this also happen to my other friend as well, on the same day! If this happens 1 more time I’m definitely deleting the app! For good! Also sometimes when a sharp drops (on endless mode) it will bounce! This makes me loose and make me very mad, overall the game IS fun to some but it has some flaws.

Fun! But to many ads.

It’s a fun game! But, it’s annoying how almost every time you finish a round, an ad comes up... That’s why I didn’t give a 5 star rating. Wish there were less ads. They really need to stop putting up ads almost every time you lose a round.


way to many ads to the point where i want to delete the app.

game is fun BUT

this game is super fun and addicting but i am very displeased with the “jiggling shapes” mode. it is practically impossible to balance anything and it honestly ruins the game. please fix

Ads Hell & Poor Game Mechanics

This could have been a great game, instead of improving the game mechanics they filled it with terrible invasive ads ( somehow the ads audio is on full blast and starts automatically even when my phone is in silent/vibration mode) I can't play this when I'm around other people.

good but

too many ducking ads. it makes me want to delete the game

Too many ads

This app is plagued with Ads after every try there is an Ad. Can you stop focusing on the money and focus on the entertainment and happiness of your customers. Reduce the Ads I reset the app everytime an Ad pops up because it’s too much and it makes you not want to play.


It’s incredible what the App Store in general has come to. An ad per try? Is this a joke? Voodoo is probably the stingiest, nastiest app developer I have ever seen, and the ads are a complete joke. You are losing followers by the minute of you keep this up. It’s so idiotic...

Game is fun but asked me to rate it also ads play with music even with sound turned off

Every game that comes out and asks to be rated gets a 1 even if they are fun. Also the stupid ads play with sound even when I have the sound on my phone turned off. Deleted the app that I was having a great time with because of this.

Looking for answers

Why so many ads!?!? I would rate this better but every time you fail you watch an ad!!!

Love the game

I love the game but, I can not get passed challenge 65 I have done all the challenges but 65 it is impossible. 6 perfect landings with jiggling shapes seriously no sorry that’s stupid! But I am addicted I just hate that level

Bad Physics

Please fix the physics in this game. It is impossible to know how a piece will land. Fixing the physics will have literally no effect on the ads and will only make the game more fun (meaning more people and more ad revenue).

Fun game, but reset my highscore and challenges

I love this game. The way gravity works is good. However, after a few days it reset my highscore and challenges. If this is fixed, I really recommend this game.


You can’t play this game with out a 30 second ad After every round it is so frustrating please don’t say the app is free If it’s gonna be unplayable without but the no ads for 4 dollars. Love the actual part of the game but I mean cmon

Too Many Ads

Awesome concept, but annoying when the ads can't even wait till you lose to start popping up. Not only that but they are back to back in most cases, and always random without warning. I would keep it but not now because of that ads

Basically unplayable

So many ducking ads.

Ads and bad physics

Gives you a 30s ad every two rounds and the physics of this game are terrible


It reset everything and I have everything done :( and I had saved up over 2,000 stars for whenever something else gets added and now is all gone


This games is completely loaded with ads that make the experience terrible

Update reset ALL of my progresss

I had all but like 2 or 3 challenges complete and then everything reset. Uninstalled.

Lol it erased all my data

First of all, way WAYYYY too many ads. Please do something about that. Such an unreasonable amount of ads, literally after pretty much every round you get an ad. AND JUST YESTERDAY ALL MY DATA WAS ERASED. MY HIGH SCORE OF 400 SOMETHING IS GONE AND SO ARE MY UNLOCKED SHAPES AND SCENERY UPGRADES. Ridiculous. And to think I had such a good time with the app in the beginning smh.


This game used to be very fun, but it all of a sudden erased all of the progress I had worked for, and all of the different updates I had bought. Please fix this.

Too much commercials!!

Toooo much

Fun at first.....

This was a pretty fun game when I stared playing, and I had a pretty high score and a lot of challenges completed. The next day my progress got reset and I stopped playing. Also if you are sick of ads just go into airplane mode while you’re playing

Upgrades are boring.

I wish the upgrades made the game easier or gave you something cool. The upgrades are kinda boring😕.

What happened?

New to this game and I was loving it until all of a sudden it stops saving my progress. Every time I open it I’m back at the beginning. I was enjoying it so much I paid the $ to get ride of the ads, but now I’m incredible annoyed. If this issue isn’t resolved, I’ll be deleting the app.

Lost all progress

The game is fun, but twice now after an update, I’ve lost all of my progress. Really frustrating!


Progress reset

Why does my progress keep disappearing?!

Every time I open this app I have to start over because my progress is wiped out. That’s completely annoying!!

The game restarted ☹️

I started playing the game a few weeks ago, and I got a record of 400 and something, I also bought a lot of improvements for the fund, but today I opened the game and I realized that the game had restarted, my score was reset and my purchases equal, some solution please? ☹️

Pls help

I love the game, but I got really far on the challenge section and the new update wiped everything out. I understand that stuff happens, but I did the challenges over again (up to about 20-22), and after I turned my phone off, the whole game reset again. Pls fix that.

excuse me?

i love this game. i don’t complain about ads bc i just turn my data off for the app and go off the wifi. BUT i updated the app and all my challenges that were completed are now gone and my high score was too. idk if i can get it back but all my work is gone


There seems to be a bug where it doesn’t save my progress.

Great game but

Great game overall, I got so far but an update came out and it made me lose all my progress, I had to start all over with the challenges and the upgrades. I play this all the time but I’m stuck playing it in airplane mode because of all the ads, this would be better if they got rid of the constant ads, I’m not saying none at all but it’s too much.

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