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Great app

Great app

Too many ads

This game is really fun but i had to delete because there is an excessive amount of ads and it was always irritating cause it would also stop my music

TONS of ads

I get they need to make money on the free version with ads, but dude there are way too many to even make it somewhat enjoyable.


Would for sure rate this game 5 stars if I wasn’t being cheated. I have been using my power ups for levels I can’t beat and they aren’t working but they get taken like I used one. I’m stuck on level twenty eight and tried to use the turn the shape power up and it turned it until I tried to moved the shape and it went back to its first position but took my power up. I’m angry please fix!!!!!

Rigged Slightly

Great game, but it has problems. The physics almost never work in your favor. I sometimes do a perfect landing and it won’t give me the credit. Also, if I’m doing a challenge with jiggly shapes, the game chooses when to make the shape stop, when it’s slowly gonna fall off, the game lets it run for 10 seconds until it falls. If I drop a shape and it’s leveling itself out to make it a flat surface, it only gives it about two seconds to continue juggling and then it’ll stop it automatically for you. A bit unfair as some challenges become really unrealistic when the game knows how to go against you.


There are too many ads and it’s fun to play but the ads are so long and annoying it’s not worth it

Great idea, horrible gameplay

1. WAY too many ads I mean Jesus it feels like 1 second of gameplay is like 5 seconds of ads 2. A few of the pieces are useless The t shaped thing and the triangle r probably the worst also the special pieces u can buy are awful too 3. Random feeling mechanics Sometimes if u drop a square on another square at a good spot it will either sit there and sometimes it’ll just fall right off idk Just fix the game up a little and it could be awesome

Waste of money

Just paid to upgrade and get rid of ads. I still have to watch app commercials between rounds and to get second chances. The ads are inappropriate for my young kids. What a shame that this stuff comes up on a game that should be fun for all ages. Don’t waste your money.


This is a really fun and addicting game. It’s really good when your just bored and don’t know what to do. I love it! 💜

The only problem with this game.

There’s way too many ads.

A few annoying problems

I REALLY love this app! I just have a few problems with some of the game functions 1) The game says you failed when you drop a block threw the bottom of the shown screen EVEN when there is room specifically let there 2) The adds are slightly annoying, I know you have to have adds to make money and pay for server costs. Maybe you could add a function where it doesn’t put an add if it was your second or third block 3) I think the upgrades are ok and all but players should be able to have the choice to purchase the first one or not 4) I know I am probably just b****ing about this but.... I really hate the jiggly blocks 😂. They are kinda.... Impossible to get multiple perfects in a very limited height, maybe you could make those later levels and not some of the earlier ones? And that is about it! I love this game and know ALOT of effort was put into it. It still could use some improvement tho so that is why I am giving ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Props to the developers! Hope this helped 😊😊😊

Let me give you a tip about the ads

Most of the ads on this game are 30 seconds long. If you get lucky you get one that’s 15-17 seconds. If you just get out the app right when an ad pops up and go back very quickly you still get the coins and everything. But you end up saving about 27 seconds. Or there is tip two and that’s play in airplane mode. Other wise the game is unplayable. Ay developers why don’t you change your name the jewdoo? That fits you guys 50 times better than voodoo. And a lot of the time you get shapes that are impossible to land on the bottom shape. Have a good day, hope you fix the game.


This game is fun but I can’t enjoy it with ad’s every five seconds

Solid game

Way too many ads, but considering how much time I spent playing I went ahead and paid $4 to get ads removed. Great experience after that. The challenges are fun and the right amount of frustrating. I wish there were more challenges. I finished the available 72 in only a day and now have to wait for the daily challenges for only three new challenges. Beyond the challenges there is only one real incentive to keep playing--after a certain number of stars are collected, you can opt to enhance a random section of the gameplay space. That's pretty fun, especially considering the doo-dads I've gotten since I started playing. All in all it's a good game with solid mechanics, creativity (specialized blocks come in the shape of a bowler hat to a plasma TV and everything in between), and replayability. Worth the $4 as long as there are new challenge packs somewhere in the future.

Ads just have to go

Holy crap just get the ads to be less frequent. also the price to get rid of ads is just ridiculous.

Too many ads!

This game is amazing and I really do enjoy playing it. I love the challenges and overall it is great. There are a ton of ads though. Another issue that I found is that the ads do repeat and they tend to be lengthy. This app would be perfect if the ads were under control. Other then that I love it and find the game really entertaining.

Entertaining. Could go further

Love where it's at but once you beat all the levels it's easy to put down and forget about. Y'all should add a custom game option with the ability to toggle the rules from the challenges. I want to play a high score round with tiny low gravity blocks.

No rewards

It’s a fun game. But when I do the daily challenges, it never gives me the rewards for completing them.


I love it bitvh it is awesome I love it it is a great game for family it is great like whatever it is awesome but I don’t like the game it won’t even load my phone in it have to many ads I don’t won’t to be able to delete the game and it will never be back again again please please make this one please stop bye please fix it I love it but it have to many ads everything o hate it has on here like wat but it is a good app whatever like but ok it is good y’all need to have some fun on this app cause it is good baby good.

Good overall

This is a super fun and addicting game. I don’t like how there are only twenty four upgrades. Ads constantly appear and are really long. When I try to tap the x, it takes me to the App Store repeatedly. I still think perfect tower is a fun game I just think the creators could use some bug fixes.

Too many ads

Aughhh but it’s fun

Useless blocks in the game

I really love your game and it's very addicting, the ads are not a problem to me, but what really ticks me off is the T shaped block in the game. Every time I get that block it's sideways, theres no way to let it stay every time I land it on the side, it basically just bounces off. The only way to pass that block is to have extra space and land it. If there isn't it's basically game over unless you have boosts. But it gets really annoying that it happens every. single. time! I really hope you can fix that, that block really pisses me off

Free way of not paying for no ads

all you just do is to turn of your wifi and cellular data and put you phon on airplane mode and boom, but you won’t be able to have a second chance. The game has been pretty fun i finished all the challenges.

Forced Ads?

“Hey, wanna watch this advertisement to double your rewards? No? Oh, well too bad because you’re gonna watch one anyways.”


I really enjoy this game, more than any other on my phone, but ads popping up after dropped block is extremely frustrating. What’s even more frustrating is being charged $3.99 for said ads to not appear anymore.

Addictive but broke

Fun game, but freezes often. No idea where to use upgrades. Way to many Ads!!!

Real Fun

It’s a good game to pass the time. The ads are moderate but easy to work with.

Awesome Game, ad solution

Awesome game but the ads are crazy but for anybody who wants a solution to all the ads just turn your cellular data off for the app and when your playing turn your WiFi off.


I love this game but me and my friend were very disappointed when we eventually realized you couldn't add anymore cute features to the scenery. WE NEED MORE UPGRADES. WE NEED MORE CUTE BIRDIES AND TINY SHIPS. WE ARE WILLING TO DELETE THE APP IF WE AREN'T CONSTANTLY MOTIVATED BY THEM.

Addictive but not fun

He game is so addictive but too many ads and I hate how you can only use one special shape at a time. I don’t you guys care what I am saying and what others are saying so please make the game a little better than what I have seen. Also to remove ads is to much money! That is all I have to say.

More levels please!

Terrific game, but needs to be updated with more levels and features. I finished all of the levels and all of the challenges in short order. How about enabling game modes where you can build a tower with shape features found in the challenges (slippery shapes, rotating shapes, etc)?


This game is super fun you should definitely get it. But it does have a bit much of adds.


My high score is 99 İ love this game👍

Fun game

This game is fun keeps me busy during times I need to have something to do but I wish it had a recycle type system where you can recycle some shapes like in the bonus boost shop they have to buy trash shape and rainbow drop and the change angle in it that make it more fun and be cool.?


I love this game so much! :)


I spend about 40% of the time playing the game and the other 60% waiting for adds to load and trying to get out of the stupid add mini games kinda cool besides the adds tho

Great game love it

It’s a amazing game I love but I really want there to be another update soon.

Kinda annoying...

It’s a fun game to play but there’s way to many ads, every time I lose I have to watch an ad that I can’t skip

Fun but crap

Aside from the often freezing and force closing, not allowing me to upgrade anymore, and not keeping the my amount of stars correct, this game is enjoyable. Just as long as it works correctly. I can’t believe it’s this buggy and hasn’t been fixed yet.


This game was made for smart people CHECK YOURSELF 😒😒

Too many ads

It’s a good game but it has to many ads and i’m not trying to pay for a game that ik i wont play all day everyday 👎🏽


It's a really good game but the amount of ads is horrible. It's so annoying to have to wait out ads that last half a minute. A "skip" option would be nice. I recommend playing on airplane mode so the ads can't pop up every time you lose.


Instead of paying $4.00 for no ads, just disable your WiFi on your device until you are done playing

Keeps resetting

My 8 year old and I played this game a lot, competing at who could get the highest. I played it one day and got to a high score of 377! Thankfully I took a screen shot to show my son cause the next day it completely reset. No biggie, it happens. Son starts playing and he has a pretty decent score, I go on the next day and it’s reset again. About to delete the app, and son says he still wants to play it. Guess what?? It reset again today. So, officially deleting the app. It was fun while it lasted.

So addicting

Totally addicting and so fun!

Challenge 28

Literally impossible.

Great game, needs update

I’ve finished everything about two weeks ago. Needs update!! New levels and new background updates


There are so many ads that it makes me angry after I lose because you have to watch an Ad. You shouldn’t die then have to watch an Ad maybe every 5 times you die but not after you die one time. It is making the game not fun and I’m thinking about stop playing it because of these Ads.


It’s a fun game but the ads are crazy after every lost you much watch an ad I would have keep this game but the ads killed it for me

Awsome plz read

It’s a awesome game I have read other review reviews and it’s never messed up for me.Its a intense game I’m not a person that rages but this game is so intense in a good way it keeps me playing.If you have bought the app and you are reading this, this is my opinion on the game.

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