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Perfect tower

I love this app because it helps me get stress off my shoulders and it relaxes me so much ❤️❤️

Perfect Tower

the game was fun to play , but there were too many ads , and it drains your battery . A LOT .


Game is too repetitive with bad physics, bad upgrades and not enough advancement or progress to make it interesting.

Greeding ads and bad physics engine

Designed more for frustration than consistency with center of masses, friction and momentum. Confused how this app is rated well.


Everything is great and all but every time I upgrade ITS JUST USELESS!

All of game from Voodoo is perfect!!

I love playing Voodoo ‘s arcade

Ads and they must play sound!

Way too many ads. Now even though my ringer is off and i have sound off in the games options, the ads still play sound. I guess they think that will force you to buy full version. Instead i will just delete and give one star.


This game is very addicting and can be tricky with the challenges they have. It’s only for stars because the ads are SO annoying, and when I actually saw an ad I was interested in, it wouldn’t let me click it to download. Lol

A Suggestion

Hi! I Got this game a while back because i was bored, it’s really fun to play and waste time but i’ve got a suggestion or two! 1. Add More Challenge criteria and challenge levels (like slippery and smaller etc.) 2. Make It so we can play those challenge criteria as the normal play please

Update the game.

Fun but needs more levels and updates.


i dropped the duck onto a flat surface and it just like jumped off it was horse sh*t it should of stayed i immediately deleted the game after that i don’t recommend getting the game if you don’t like unfair games


Over all the game is fun and can kill time BUT after every game there’s always and ad sometimes it’s faster to just close the game and open it back up


I love this game but I can’t get past challenge 23 can someone help me please

Increase in ads

This game had one of the most perfect balances of ads, then they started to play so many more. You play about the same or less time than you spend seeing ads.

Terrible ads

Not fun. All ads.

Just a piece of crap version of Tetris

This game is garbage way too many ads and crappy physics absolutely crap

As for ads, this is a trap...

The gameplay is fun, but not good enough for the NEVER ENDING ADS. PLEASE. STOP. THE. NEVER. ENDING. MISERY. THESE. There are to many ads at EVRY corner and it in 30 minutes of playing the game, I’ll have played about 15 minutes, the I got an u skippable ad that was 1:30 and sometimes the ads allow you to skip after some seconds but they strategically time it that when you can skip, there’s actually only 4 seconds left on the ad anyway. The developers have bombarded the user with ads so they HAVE to play with no WiFi or buy no ads if they enjoyed the game enough. But this ISNT a 10/10 game, so it’s not worth it.

Too many adds

The game itself is good but after every time you lose, there is an add, you NEVER get a brake

Too many ads

Every other time you die (which is probably often) you have video ads. Some you can skip through after a few seconds, which takes you to a second ad of the thing you just saw.

Annoying ads

Game became boring after a couple of days. It has been deleted from my phone.

Ads implementation is just wrong

The game is not bad, until you get the wave of ads. The ads is the reason of this low rating. When I lose the game on the edge of winning and the game asks me if I want to continue. (I hit yes ) I get to see an ad, I have no problem on this. But when I hit no why do I still see an ad, the implementation is based on time, lets say (2 minutes an ad) Every 2 minutes you get an ad after the challenge finishes doesn't matter if you continue or not.


Can’t stop 🛑 game

Addictive really!

Love the game! There are however, too many ads, deterring me from How many times I play. The shapes and algorithms are a cheat but that’s with every game. Really enjoyable!


Unplayable. Too many unskippable ads

Tetris clone that Needs a lot of work

The physics model is terrible. Also, a lot of building blocks are useless for stacking.

To many ads

There are to many adds on this game

Not worth it!

This game is so fun but I had to stop playing it because of all the ads! Every Time I fail a challenge an ad pops up!

Stress reliever!

Omg I was just in a fight with my friends. Then one with my family. Stressed 😫 and angry as hell I began crying I was so upset! So I started playing games on my phone. All of my other apps would make me angry. So I downloaded this game and I was relieved 😌 finally I was not angry download it!


I hate the tilting mode

Fun but the physics are f*cked

This game is super fun and I’ve almost beat every challenge except number 65, which is completely impossible because the physics of this game are super weird. Pls add more challenges or fix that one so I can finally beat them all. 😂👌🏼


I love this game. It’s so addicting, but i’m giving this game 4 stars because i cannot upgrade after 24. I have so many tokens on this game but i’m not able to use them!!

A pit

If you try to make a pit with the blocks and you put in a piece of the block it says that the games over. But, if you make a pit and you can still see the bottom, it works.


I just downloaded this game and played for 4 minutes and there were 8 ads. I deleted the game right away. Don’t download not worth it.


The laws of physics will be broken, but it’s fun.

Too many ads

It would be a lot more fun if there weren’t as many ads. Every time you fail to complete the challenge there is another ad and it gets annoying very easily.

Another Voodoo Game

Just like every other Voodoo game, it’s fun for about 5 minutes until you get annoyed by ads ever 30 seconds and meaningless objectives. Some of their games are fun, but this one is below the mark.


There’s way too many ads it’s distracting.

More ads than gameplay

This game could be fun but it makes me want to throw my phone every time another ad pops up. Every single time you restart you have to watch a 10 second ad and it doesn’t go away until you exit out twice. And if that’s not bad enough they move the X around so it’s harder to exit out. I spend more time trying to get around the ads than I do playing the game. And the game isn’t entertaining enough to deal with a million dumb ads.

It’s ok

Fun but incredibly frustrating

Way too many ads

Fun game, I want to play more but there are just too many ads.

just trashy.

ads. constantly. main menu? ads. wanna restart? ads. don’t want to restart? ads anyway. i understand having a small banner ad at the top or bottom but... this is ridiculous and unplayable

Fun but...A LOT of Ads!!

This game is VERY fun and addictive to where it makes you play for hours and keep trying over and over again to beat the challenges! But!.. there are a lot of Ads! Every 2-4 rounds there is an ad. Some ads are short and others are those annoying long ads. You can pay $3.99 to get rid of ads but I don’t want to pay $4 to get rid of ads! Maybe if I get more money because it is really annoying! But this game is very fun if you don’t mind tons of ads or you have money to get rid of them.


Oh hell nawwwwww

So many ads

The game is great but there are ads after every play, they are long and hard to dismiss. I had to close the app completely and restart it just to leave the ads.


Toooooooo many ads. You watch more ads then you get actual play time.....something wrong about that. Deleting


This game is super fun but the ads just ruins it. I wouldn’t mind if it was an ad after like 15 times i build my tower and fail. Than I wouldn’t mind actually (this game could be ad free if u buy it for $4) smh

Ads ruin it

I enjoy this game however the amount of ads is ridiculous every single time you fail or beat a level you get a ad. This game is not worth 3.99 to remove ads it simply isn’t also if there were only a few ads it wouldn’t be bad.

Great app

Great app

Too many ads

This game is really fun but i had to delete because there is an excessive amount of ads and it was always irritating cause it would also stop my music

TONS of ads

I get they need to make money on the free version with ads, but dude there are way too many to even make it somewhat enjoyable.

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