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Ad City Fun

I enjoyed the few games I played before deleting the game due to the 25 second ads.

TOO HARD (level 28 especially)

It is honestly IMPOSSIBLE to get 4 of these shapes that move to land perfectly on this There needs to be a better way to know that it will land straight cuz this is just straight up too difficult it makes me want to delete this game all together



I love this game

This game is perfect hints the name Perfect Tower.I personally love Voodoo games,and that is what a majority of my games are.Download this game today Voodoo never lets you down.


This game is fun but it likes to take away your earned stars randomly for no reason

To much ads

Ok so look I didn’t hit the second chance button but it puts a ad and I get mad when I see dumb ads that don’t really matter and also the ad is the same ballon game and I get very mad when I don’t click anything but it pops out of no where I and I can never get those 28 seconds back but if you do the math it is around 2 hours of my life I can’t get back so I would like you to at least put a different ad not the same one please and thank


This is my favorite game but to many ads

Still ads...

So I enjoyed the game enough to buy the ad free version. Problem is, with the newest update there are ads playing still. They don’t interrupt your playtime, but I bought the ad free version. You’d think I’d have no ads. I paid you for the game, probably more than the game is actually worth tbh. And now you’re still making money off me through ads? It’s a minor annoyance but if it isn’t fixed I’m just going to delete and forget about this game.


Lol it’s funny how every time I pressed “second chance” after the ad is over, the game freezes & I have to start over 💀

Ads ruin it

The game is nearly unplayable because of how plagued by ads it is, I play it in airplane mode mostly but it just irritating. Not only that, getting rid of ads is $4!?!? Seriously?

Great Game

This game is very good not 5 stars because of ads and a glitch on challenge 23 will not let me win, when I reach the winning height it says challenged failed instead of completed and doesnt let me win

WAY too many ads

love the game but if ads keep coming up so much then i will delete it



Paid to remove ads but there are still ads......

Kind of ridiculous I paid to remove the ads and there were still some, and now they’ve added more to the home page! The game is fun, and like others say, it kind of glitches sometimes but the ads are definitely ruining it. Do NOT pay for the app, because the ads will not go away.

Stop being stupid


Not a fan

Not sure what annoys me more. The game or the ads after every level. Ads shouldn’t be longer than my actual game play. Get it together people. Would be much better if you could turn the pieces. This game was installed on my phone for about 10 minutes. Sorry but you’re gone!!


This game gets boring after the 4 time playing it. Make games that are enjoyable for more than 5 minutes.

great game, excess ads

This game is a lot of fun and a great way to break up time. But after every single match even if you build up 2, there is a ad. Making my experience with the app horrible.

im getting ads when i paid for no ads

pls fix

Could be great

Waaaaaay too many ads. Every time you lose you have to watch a 30 second ad

Ads make this game annoying

If it weren’t for the ads completely crashing this game every 3 turns, I would love it. Needs work.


It’s not a bad game. However the physics in the game are very bad, the block could tip way past a realistic level.

Love the game but

The game is fun. But there are way to many ads after every game I play and it’s just really annoying and $3.99 to make the ads go away is a little much

Too many ads

Woulda been an amazing game, super fun. But if I have to watch an ad every single time I lose, it's really not worth the download. An ad after every two games maybe but holy cow this is outrageous and honestly annoying.

You asked for it

First off, I despise writing reviews. Second, you asked for it. I am writing this review after literally playing for five minutes. This app blasts you with ads as much as it can and then has the balls to ask you if you like it. No. I don’t. No one does.

The ads

I can’t believe why you would think putting this much advertisements in a game would be a good idea. The ads got rid of everyone that plays this horrible game.

Challenge 28

Challenge 28 is literally impossible so they need to fix it


Great game but too many adds

Good but

Need more games, an update on games that are categorized normal


The pieces don’t fall the way they should. They bounce, slide and teeter completely unrealistically and at the most convenient times for the game. If all of this was the intention of the developers, you nailed it.



Jiggling Shapes

Levels with Jiggling Shaped is impossible to complete. No matter how it lands, parts keep bound off into the water. Way too sensitive. This needs to be looked at and fixed!


If you finish a level you start getting ads that take you out of the game to the app store, to download another game.

Ridiculous Ads Your not getting $3.99

I am deleting your game. While it’s fun, your making me watch continuous ads is ridiculous. If it were say every other 10th time, I would have probably paid it. But for the fact you are irritating the hell out of your players to get them to buy it, it didn’t work. You should have done the same thing candy crush did, let you play all day long and then if I needed help, I would need to pay. Gosh knows I have paid many times to get a hammer or color ball. So... like I said cute game.......but horrible marketing BYE

Sim City Ad Glitch!

Okay the game is fun to play and all, but the ads are what destroy the fun of it. First off, way too many ads. I get that apps need ads for money reasons and all that, but this is ridiculous, especially when I can’t close out of some of the ads, making me have to close the app completely and start it back up. Second, there’s one add I get that messes the whole game up completely. I’m talking not able to play the game. It’s a sim city ad and every time it pops up the game automatically takes me to the App Store, even if I don’t click the ad, and the funny thing is when it sends me to the App Store it’s not even for the sim city ad! It’s for random things each time it sends me to the App Store. The only way I can explain it is kind of like a virus in the game making it do that. So please, for the sake of how fun the game actually is, fix the issues with the ads because I hate having to turn my WiFi and data off just so I can happily play the game...

Potential to improve

It’s a simple game, but it’s still entertaining! The only two problems I have with this game are: 1. There is an 30 second ad almost every time you drop a block. If I pressed second chance, I would have to watch an ad. If I didn’t press second chance, I would have to watch an ad anyway. What’s the point of having a choice if the app really chooses whether or not you’ll view an ad? 2. You should also make it so that you can land a block even if the space is out of view. I stack all my blocks on the left, so when I have a flat shaped block, I can place it on the right instead of having a chance of misplacing it on the irregular piece. No matter how small and flat my shape is it still manages to say I missed and ends the game even though I know there is enough space.

Seems good but

Way too many and LONG ads after a very limited amount of play. I don't mind paying to remove ads but I can't even get enough play in to decide if I like this game enough to pay for it. Deleting now. Since downloading, I've played maybe a cumulative total of three minutes, but seen maybe like a cumulative total of six-seven minutes of ads. Very frustrating.

Good game

Less adds would be great


Good game but the ads ruin it

Get this if you want to watch advertisements

I spent 20 minutes resetting my apple password just to write this app an awful review. After one round of play you are rewarded with a 45 second advertisement video. It's faster to just close the app out and open it. A total pain. I would recommend this game to anyone that enjoys watching advertisements in their free time.

So many adds!!!!

There is an add every 1-2 rounds. They show the same two adds every time as well. To get rid of adds it cost $4!!!! The game is very entertaining though. 🙁👌🏻

What gives?

Every time I get around 80-100 I get a barrage of app pop ups. That I don’t click on anything they just pop up. They made me lose. Then when I clicked on second chance I was in the middle of watch an add when another 3 app pop ups happened. When I finally closed them all out it said I had just lost and had to start over. Please fix this. Gunna be annoying as hell if I can only get to 100 because of that.

I hate this

Every time I up grade it it does basically nothing and it gets me so mad,

This game is addictive and sexy

I love it

Very fun!

Fun game, but WAY to much ads. Very annoying when after every single game you have to watch an ad or play a demo.

Great work 😀 and I just turn my data and internet off

Good work

So many ads

The game is barely playable. For every 10 seconds of gameplay there’s an additional 30 second ad you have to watch to continue, then paying for the removal of ads doesn’t work. Paid but I’m still seeing ads...?

Too Many Ads

Fun game to play, but I stopped opening the app shortly after downloading it because of the outrageous amount of ads. I have played a lot of these free games that implement ads to make money, but this app makes it ridiculous. Every time you fail, you are forced to watch a 30 second ad. When you arent very good at the game, you spend more time watching ads than playing the game practically.


Too many ads every second made me delete the game


There are so many ads and I don’t even click on them but they take me to safari and don’t let me leave this game is fun but the ads are awful so overall I don’t like it…!!!!

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